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Answers to some of our client's most frequently asked questions. Don't see your question here? Send it to us and we will be happy to help.


How long is a vet consultation?

One of the main benefits of a house call service is that there is no rush like a regular clinic. Our consultations usually last around 20-30 minutes.

Do you deliver pet food, flea treatments and other products?

Yes. If you are a client of ours in Perth then you are entitled to free shipping for pet products from

If you order an item a few days in advance of a vet consultation, then our vet can bring those items with them to your house visit.

There is a wide range of products available including premium pet food, flea and tick treatments, heartworming and intestinal wormers, treats, toys and more.

What animals do you treat?

We mainly deal with dogs and cats. However we can also treat small animals, birds and some exotics if needed. We do not currently have the equipment or medications to be able to treat horses and farm animals.

How far in advance do I need to make an appointment?

This will depend on how busy we are and if our vets will be in your area. Usually a few hours to a day in advance is all that is needed. We will do our best to fit in with your time schedule where possible. Simply contact us or use the online booking form to arrange the best time.

Do you offer cremation or burial services?

Yes. We offer cremation or burial through Lawnswood Pet Crematorium. We deal directly with them so that you don’t have to. We can arrange for decorative urns, memorial plaques, paw prints, memorial tokens and keepsakes through Lawnswood. We can also arrange transport of your pet to Lawnswood as well as return of their ashes to your home.

Do you cater for emergencies?

No. Unfortunately since we are a house call only practice, we do not have the equipment on site in your home to deal with emergency situations. For urgent care involving serious medical conditions please visit your local vet hospital or an emergency vet centre.

  1. Emergency Vet Hospital Chokolich St, Wangara  9200 4460
  2. Balcatta Veterinary Hospital 59 Erindale Rd, Balcatta  9345 4644
  3. Perth Vet Emergency 3/162 Wanneroo Rd, Yokine  1300 040 400
  4. Murdoch Pet Emergency 90 South St, Murdoch 1300 652 494
  5. WAVES Unit 1/640 Beeliar Drive, Success  9412 5700

Do you offer an after hours service?

We are available from 9am – 6pm by appointment. For all after hours cases we refer you to the after hours services listed here.

Will you help me with pet insurance claims?

Yes of course. We do not charge extra for the admin associated with filling out pet insurance claim forms.

How often should my pet be checked by a vet?

Given that pets age a lot quicker than people (1 dog year is roughly equivalent to 7 human years) we recommend a full vet check over at least twice a year. This is especially the case for senior pets 7 years or over. This helps us to spot any nasty lumps, bumps, arthritis or medical conditions that we can get on top of early before they become a big problem.

Are you open on public holidays?

No sorry we are closed on public holidays.

What does your euthanasia service involve?

Euthanasia of a beloved pet is often one of the hardest decisions we can make. We find solace in the fact that we can provide a peaceful passing surrounded by the ones they love in the comfort of their own home. We give a simple sedative injection under the skin of the neck prior to euthanasia so that they can peacefully drift off into sleep without any stress at all. For more information, click here.

Are your vet's qualified and registered?

Yes. All of our vets are qualified, experienced veterinary surgeons registered with the Veterinary Surgeon’s Board of Western Australia.

Do you offer referrals?

Yes, we can arrange personalised referrals to all major vet specialists in Perth. Imaging, surgery, internal medicine, oncology (cancer), opthalmology (eyes) and dermatology (skin) referrals are all available.

Do I need to see the vet or can they prescribe something over the phone?

The law in WA means we need to see your pet for the medical condition involved before we can prescribe medication to treat it.

If we have seen your pet for the same condition in the past 6-12 months it may be possible to re-dispense medication without an examination. It depends on the type of medication and the condition involved. Please feel free to contact us for queries.

Can you fill a prescription from another veterinarian?

No. Legally, in Western Australia, we are not allowed to dispense medication to a pet on behalf of another veterinarian. This means we cannot fill scripts not prescribed by us. We must have intimate knowledge of you and your pet and have to have examined your pet recently for the condition that the medication is being prescribed for. If this is the case then yes we are more than happy to dispense medication for that condition.

Can I get vet advice without being a client?

No. Unfortunately the only advice our vets are legally allowed to give online is general in nature. We have to have an intimate knowledge of your and your pet, as well as physically examined your pet in person, to be able to provide answers to specific health problems.

What is the maxmimum length of medication that can be prescribed?

The amount of medication dispensed depends on the type of medication and the condition being treated. As a general rule for chronic, ongoing conditions we cannot prescribe more than 6 months of medication at a time without a recheck. Some medications require less or more frequent checks between prescriptions. Contact us for more details.

Do you do surgery and dentals?

We are not allowed to perform any procedure involving a general anaesthetic in client’s homes. This means we cannot perform major surgery, dentals, desexing etc. We can however peform small lump removals and procedures involving sedation and local anaesthetic.

For everything we are unable to do in your home we offer referral to a local vet hospital or specialist centre.

Can you take xrays in my home?

No. Unfortunately due to radiation hazards, the law prohibits us from taking xrays in your home. We would need to refer you to a local vet hospital or a specialist imaging centre for xrays.

Do you do microchipping?

Yes we do. This is best done at the same time as a vaccination or consultation to keep the cost as low as possible.

How do I cancel an appointment?

Simply contact us. Please ensure you give us as much notice as possible to ensure our vet isn’t on route to your house already.


Do you charge travel fees?

No, we do not charge travel fees.

What areas do you travel to?

We travel to all Perth metropolitan areas roughly 35km from the Perth CBD. This includes Two Rocks in the North,  Aubin Grove in the South and Mundaring in the East.

What is included in a consultation fee?

The consultation fee includes the examination of one pet. A reduced rate applies for each additional pet in the same household at the same visit. The consultation fee does not include the cost of any medications, testing or procedures performed other than the initial examination

What is included in the vaccination price?

For dogs this includes either a C3 or C5 yearly vaccination.

For cats this includes either an F3 or F5 vaccination.

All pets will receive a thorough physical examination prior to vaccination to ensure they are in good overall health.

Heartworm injections for dogs are also available at the same time as a yearly vaccination for an additional fee.

Are your services covered under pet insurance?

Yes. Our Perth mobile vet service is treated just like a regular vet clinic when it comes to pet insurance. If your particular policy includes the service being performed, then you will be covered the exact same way.

Do you offer a seniors discount?

Yes, we offer 5% discount off services to senior card holders. You will need to show this to the vet at the house visit to receive your discount.

Sorry we do not currently offer discounts to other pension or concession card holders other than seniors.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept:

  • All major Australian credit cards including Amex.
  • Cash
  • Paypal

Sorry we do not accept cheques.

When is payment due?

Payment is required at the time of service.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. We offer payment plans to approved customers through third party payment providers such as Vet Pay and Pay Advantage. A deposit of 10-50% will be needed depending on the service. An application for credit involving proof of ID, credit checks and some paperwork will be performed prior to services being provided. This can take some time to process and be approved so please allow a day or two before you need a service.

Do you offer breeder pricing?

Yes, we offer discounted vaccinations for breeders with litters containing 3 or more puppies. Please contact us for a tailor made package suited to your specific needs.

I have a question not listed here.

Please contact us with your question and one of our staff will be happy to help.


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