The easiest way to schedule a house call vet is to use our easy online booking app below. This allows you to see a time that our vet on call is available that also suits your schedule. Booking this way also allows you to login later if you need to change your appointment details, reschedule an appointment or if you need to make a cancellation.


Opening Hours

The house call vet is available for appointments in Perth from Monday to Saturday and from 9am – 6pm. For outside of these hours, please see our 24 hour vet emergency contact page.

Suburbs the House Call Vet visits in Perth

Our vet travels to all major suburbs in the Perth hills, south of the river and Perth northern suburbs.

The extent to which we travel is roughly limited by the following suburbs:

  • Two Rocks in the North
  • Mundaring in the East
  • Kwinana in the South

We can visit suburbs outside of these areas by special request, but surcharges may apply for excess travel time. If you are unsure if your suburb is included in our coverage, please contact us or ask our customer service team using the live chat button at the bottom right of this page.


Q. Who are your vets that do house calls?

A. We have one main vet, Dr Shanon. However very rarely we may have a locum veterinarian on duty while Dr Shanon is sick or on leave. Rest assured that if and when another vet is on duty they will be only trusted local vets that do house calls. To find out more about our staff, see about us.

Q. How to make a vet appointment?

A. The easiest way is use the booking app at the top of this page. Alternatively you can also make a booking by chatting to our customer service using the live chat button at the bottom right of this page. Otherwise you can text or call 0401 860 444

Q. Do vets make house calls to euthanize?

A. Yes we do. Euthanasia is an extremely hard decision to make. However when the time comes, its nice to be able to relieve a pet’s suffering in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by those they love. We use pre-euthanasia sedation which makes the process a lot more peaceful for your pet.

Q. Are mobile vets more expensive?

A. Not always. Especially when you factor in time waiting in traffic, time in the waiting room and petrol costs. We pride ourselves on offering affordable vet care for our clients. The added benefit is that pets are more comfortable in their own home as well. For more details, see our pricing page.


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