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A microchip ensures a pet can be returned to their owner in the event that they are lost or stolen. In Western Australia, it is now compulsory to microchip your pet by law. Our vet service offers mobile microchipping in Perth, right in the comfort of your own home.

What is a pet microchip?

Have you every had those scanners at the exits of a department store beep because an anti-theft tag was left on an item of clothing? Pet microchips work in a similar way.

A microchip is actually a small radio frequency identification device (RFID). It simply stores an ID number. It has no battery in and of itself.

However, when a microchip reader or scanner comes into proximity of the microchip, the electromagnetic energy from the reader energises the microchip allowing its number to be read.

The chip lives inside a small glass-like capsule about the size of a grain of rice. This capsule is inert and doesn’t react with your pet’s body, making microchips extremely safe.

pet microchip

Why is a pet microchip necessary?

Microchips can help:

  1. To return your pet to you should they become lost
  2. ID stolen pets
  3. In proof of ownership disputes
  4. It is now compulsory by law

What is the current pet microchipping law?

Pet microchipping is now compulsory under Section 21 of the Dog Act 1976. Some of the other laws in WA relating to microchipping include:

  • All dogs over 3 months of age must be microchipped (fine of $5,000 – $10,000).
  • The owner must give notice in writing to their local counsel within 7 days of the microchip implant date (fine of $5000).
  • A person must not remove or interfere with a microchip implanted in a dog (fine of $5000).
  • A person must not transfer the ownership of a dog that is not microchipped (fine of $5000).
  • Within 7 days of transfer of ownership of a microchipped dog, the person who transferred the dog must give notice in writing to the microchip database registry with the details of the new owner (fine of $5000).

How to microchip a dog or cat

A microchip does not require surgery to be implanted. It comes in a smallish needle that is inserted underneath the skin at the back of your pets neck, a bit like a vaccination. Once implanted, the microchip should last for the lifetime of your pet.

how to microchip a dog or cat

What age to implant?

A microchip can be implanted at any age. For example, when we perform mobile microchipping in Perth, we insert puppy microchips at the second vaccination at 8 weeks of age.

National pet microchip registry

Each microchip contains a unique ID number. When a microchipped pet is registered to an owner, this number, along with the owners contact details, are placed on a national pet microchip registry.

When a vet or ranger scans a lost dog, they can look up this microchip number and find the relevant contact details of the pet’s owner.

The main national microchip databases in Australia for pet microchips are:

pet microchip scanner reader

Change of owner or updating your cat or dog’s microchip details

If you’ve bought or sold a pet recently, you will need to submit change of owner details with both your local council and the microchip registry the pet is registered with.

If the registry is not known, find out using just the microchip number. You can either get this from someone who can scan your pet’s number (such as a vet or ranger), or from any paperwork you have, such as vaccination records or medical history.

Simply insert the microchip number in the search box at



Microchip cost

Microchip costs can vary widely depending, amongst other things, on the brand and quality. Some cheaper microchips have a tendency to migrate from their site of insertion. It’s not unheard of for a microchip starting in between the shoulder blades to slowly end up in the lower chest region or even down a leg!

The microchips we use at Perth Vet Care are resistant to migration from their original position. We use only high quality microchips from reputable veterinary brands. Our microchips are actually mini microchips. They are about a third of the size of traditional microchips. As a result we can use a smaller needle to insert them, reducing discomfort for your pet.

Our micro-chipping costs start from $65, depending on your location in Perth and if it is paired with another service such as a vaccination. This fee also includes the fee to register the chip number with the Australian Animal Registry. We will forward your pet’s microchip certificate on completion.

Why not book our service for mobile microchipping in Perth. Our mobile vet will come to you in the comfort of your own home. Microchipping only takes about 5-10 minutes.  We can also microchip your pet at the same time as a vet consultation, vaccination or other vet service that your pet may need.


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