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Pocket Pet Cremation

They might be small, but what these pocket pet companions lack in size, they make up for with big personalities. They are often the closest friend of many young family members. At the time of their passing it can help to cherish their loving memory with our pocket pet cremation service in Perth.

Pocket pet cremation is available for any small sized pet, including rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, ferrets, birds, repitles and fish.

We offer complete end of life care, including in home pet euthanasia as well as home collection following a natural passing.

Following cremation, you can also select from our extensive range of high quality pocket pet urns and memorial keepsakes.

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A Cremation Service You Can Trust

Rest assured that following a private cremation, 100% of your pocket pet’s ashes, and only their ashes, will be returned to you in the urn of your choosing.

We offer complete peace of mind with a 7 point pet tracking system during the pocket pet cremation process.

The Pocket Pet Cremation Process

1. Initial Booking

A unique ID number is assigned to your pet that is linked to your details.

2. TRANSPORT & Confirmation

Our mobile vet will transport your pet in person to the crematorium and will ensure all of the correct details are linked to your pet.

3. Keepsakes Created

Your pet's ID tag is checked prior to any keepsakes being created such as paw prints, fur clippings etc.

4. Cremation

Your pet's ID tag is placed on the cremation chamber during cremation and this tag is validated both before and after the cremation process.

5. Memorialisation

Your pocket pet's ID is confirmed prior to placing their ashes in your selected urn and a certified sticker is attached to the base.

6. Final Inspection

A final quality inspection is conducted to confirm your pet's details and all special requests have been completed.

7. Your pet comes home

We confirm the ID tag prior to contacting you to arrange a time to bring your pocke pet's ashes back home to you.

Pocket Pet Cremation Cost

Two main options exist for pocket pet cremation: individual cremation and communal cremation.

Individual cremation is the option to choose if you are wishing to have your pet’s ashes returned to you.

Communal cremation is a low cost option for when you are not wishing to have your pet’s ashes returned.

The prices shown below are for cremation only. For a full list of prices, including larger pets, home collection fees, and in home pocket pet euthanasia costs, please see our pricing page.


Communal Cremation

  • No ashes returned
  • Low cost solution

Individual Cremation

FROM $199*
  • Ashes returned in 7 - 10 days
  • Home delivery of the ashes
  • Guaranteed your pet only
  • Standard vessel included
  • Remembrance candle
  • Comfort poem

Gold Cremation

FROM $524*
  • Ashes returned in 3 days**
  • Home delivery of the ashes
  • Guaranteed your pet only
  • Standard vessel included
  • Remembrance candle
  • Comfort poem

Platinum Cremation

FROM $694*
  • Ashes returned in 1 day **
  • Home delivery of the ashes
  • Guaranteed your pet only
  • Standard vessel included
  • Remembrance candle
  • Comfort poem

Popular Pocket Pet Urns

If you have selected an individual cremation for your pocket pet, then a standard vessel to hold their ashes is included in the cremation price. However, we also have a range of beautiful premium urns for pocket pet ashes that you can choose from. Some of the more popular personalised pocket pet urns include:

Popular Pocket Pet Memorial Keepsakes

Aside from a vessel to hold your pocket pet’s ashes in, we also offer a wide range of memorial keepsakes. Some of these keepsakes can even hold a small amount of your pet’s ashes. Popular keepsakes include:

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