“The difficult decision to put a beloved pet to sleep is one of the hardest decisions we as pet owners will ever have to make. What makes it so hard is that they really do have a way of capturing our hearts as they become an everyday part of our lives. Who else gives you unquestioned loyalty? They don’t complain. They make us laugh in their never ending pursuit to help us lighten up and enjoy the brighter side of life. However, sometimes due to severe illness, pain or incurable disease, they can’t go on. Euthanasia, as hard as it is to let go, can be the kindest thing we can offer them in return. At times like these, I implore you to consider in home pet euthanasia by a mobile vet.

As a vet that has worked in many places over the years, I’ve had to euthanise pets in many different settings: in veterinary clinics and veterinary hospitals, on the side of the road, on farms, in the bush, and also making house calls. The most peaceful by far for the pet involved is when a vet comes to them in the comfort of their own home.  In their final moments, they are on their own comfy bed, surrounded by only family and friends they know and love, there’s no stress.

During the euthanasia procedure it’s only me there apart from family. When everyone is ready I give a small sedative injection under the skin at the back of the neck. I move out of the way and family members can be right next to their pets, keeping them calm, giving last goodbyes. Over 5 – 15 minutes this slowly causes them to fall to sleep so they are unaware what else happens from then on. At that point I clip a small amount of hair on their front arm and administer the euthanasia solution intravenously. It is a very quick, peaceful, pain free process. Family members then spend as much time saying goodbye in those last moments as needed. We don’t have to rush off anywhere. ” – Dr Shanon 

Perth Vet Care visits all metropolitan suburbs to offer end of life care and kind cat or dog euthanasia at home across the city of Perth.

  • Pets are relaxed in their own home environment
  • Surrounded by family and friends
  • Pre-euthanasia sedation makes it very peaceful
  • Our vet has over 14 years of experience
  • Pet cremation service available
  • We handle all of the aftercare so you don’t have to
  • Transport of your pet for cremation (if selected)
  • Hand delivery of the ashes to your home
Pet Euthanasia at Home

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Complete End of Life Care

Gone are the days of having to separately organise and pay for a vet, an individual cremation company and a driver to pick up your pet after the vet has visited.

If you’re having your pet cremated, we take care of the entire process for you so that you and your family can spend those precious final moments with your beloved pet.

After our vet visits to provide pet euthanasia at home, they can transport your pet for cremation (cremation fees apply). Once your pet’s ashes are ready, we will also bring them back home to you. 

One person, one payment, complete care from start to finish.

Pet Cremation

We offer a wide range of pet cremation options, including wooden boxes, ceramic & metal urns, scattering tubes, garden plaques, keepsakes, jewellery and more.

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Alternatively, you can choose an individual pet burial at Lawnswood Crematorium’s pet cemetery. You may also want to check out these other options for a pet cemetery in Perth.

Optional Extras

  • a copy of your pet’s paw print on card as a memorial token
  • keeping a lock of pet hair
  • have a small portion of your pet’s ashes retained and incorporated into a memorial keepsake
Pet Cremation Options

How to Make the Loss of a Pet Easier

Some positive things you can do to help the healing process and to commemorate the life of your dogs and cats include:

  • take photographs with your pet before the euthanasia where possible
  • have a painting done of your pet to hang on the wall
  • get their paw print in clay
  • give your pet a treat they don’t normally have on the day of their euthanasia
  • we can save a lock of your pets hair as a keepsake
  • we can take a paw print for you to keep
  • plant a tree in memory of your pet
  • have your pet cremated and returned in a decorative urn – see more info here
  • have your pet cremated with their favourite collar, teddy or blanket.
  • incorporate some of your pet’s ashes in a decorative keepsake such as a spun glass globe or jewelery
  • scatter their ashes in their favourite place
  • elect to have your pet buried at Lawnswood Crematorium’s pet cemetery where you can visit them any day of the year
  • hold a memorial service
  • hold a candle lighting ceremony
  • have a garden plaque made with their name and dates on it
  • receive grief counselling or join a pet lovers grief support group with Pet Eden
in home pet euthanasia

In Home Pet Euthanasia Costs

Euthanasia Dog 0-9kg
Euthanasia Dog 10-24kg
Euthanasia Dog 25 - 39kg
Euthanasia Dog Over 40kg
Euthanasia Cat
Euthanasia Rabbit

Easy Online Booking

Sometimes its difficult to talk about this topic over the phone because of the emotion involved. That’s why we’ve made it a little easier by creating an online booking app so you can see our euthanasia service schedule and pick a time and day that suits you best.

If you are having your pet cremated and wish to purchase a special urn, please see this page. The scheduler won’t let you choose a specific urn, but you can let the vet know of your choice at the time of the appointment. The vet can also take any extra payment for these as well.

If in doubt, or you have a query, please don’t hesitate to contact us or use our live chat feature to the left of the page.

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Hear From Other Pet Owners


See what customers who have used this service say below. Click here to see all of our reviews and ratings on Google itself.

Lee-Anne Temnyk

I was extremely impressed with Dr Shanon, and highly recommend his services to anyone that has a loved fur-child. He was extremely professional in his conduct and empathetic to my situation and contacted me to arrange an earlier appointment as he could sense my urgency. He has an amazing affinity with animals and was sensitive to my situation in which Kit had to be euthanaised. I also appreciate the convenience of having a vet that will come to your residence as to not cause any additional stress to your pet. Thank you Dr Shanon!
Anthony White

Very kind and professional vet, who really cares for their furry patients and owners. We really appreciate Dr Shanon for helping us with our big boy Sniff. It was very hard for our family, but he was very caring and reassuring. I only wish we had met for different reasons. An amazing vet and I would highly recommend Perth Vet Care to everyone with a furry friend. Thank you so much.
Joanna Jaramillo

Dr Shanon was very lovely, and professional. Our beloved dog DJ felt very comfortable with him and we are very grateful to him for providing such a good and caring service. DR Shanon came to our house on a short notice and we met first time in very painful circumstances but his calm and understanding approach helped us with the painful process of saying good by to our beautiful DJ. After DJs cremation , which dr Shanon helped to organise, he even delivered DJs ashes to our home and we got a lovely card from him which was a very nice surprise. We can't recommend DR Shannon highly enough and will use his services in the future. Thank you for all your help!
Maria Griffiths

I would highly recommend Dr Shannon, he made saying goodbye to our beloved Prince very special. He was very empathetic, and helped us through the process, it was very easy to organise and dealt with professionally. It enabled us to give him the most peaceful passing with all his loved ones with him.
Penny Lee

We were most fortunate to have had Dr Shanon attend at our home to help put down our beloved 12 yo dog Bobby as cancer took over his body after 9 months’ painful battle. Dr Shanon is a great vet, efficient in his handling whilst exhibiting genuine care and patience every step of the process. He took the time to explain the process , talked us through our decision and gave us privacy when needed. His profesionalism helped make the dreadful parting more bearable and meaningful. We recommend his services 100%
Leah Cartwright

Shanon, thank you so much again for everything that you have done for us and our Bodhi. It was an extremely difficult time for us, but with your help it was able to be as peaceful as possible. We are so grateful that you were able to come to our home and assist with everything, even down to bringing Bodhi's urn and ashes home to us. Thank you again, Leah & Jordan

Pet Euthanasia FAQ

How much does it cost to euthanize a pet?

Pet euthanasia is usually based on weight and can range from $245 for a small animal, to $375 or more for a pet over 40kg.

Is pet euthanasia painful?

The euthanasia injection is a bit like an anaesthetic overdose so there is no pain involved. A pet drifts from consciousness, to unconsciousness to passing. Most vets will also give a pre-euthanasia sedative to make sure the pet is as peaceful as possible.

How long does it take to euthanize a pet?

A pre-euthanasia sedative is usually given under the skin which takes 2-10 minutes for your pet to be fully relaxed. After this the final injection is given in a vein, usually in the front leg. This is quick acting, and pet’s normally pass peacefully within 30 seconds on average.

How do I know when it’s time to euthanize my dog?

When it is not possible for them to maintain a good quality of life. For instance, untreatable disease, invasive cancer, protracted vomiting, not eating, difficulty walking or severe trauma. Humane euthanasia may also need to be considered when financial limitations prohibit treatment when no suitable alternative can be found. If in doubt, speak to your veterinarian.

What to do with dogs after they are put down?

Many people will have their pet cremated and ashes returned in a memorial urn or wooden box for safe keeping. Others prefer to bury their pets in their yard. If neither of these is an option, many crematoriums offer group cremation and disposal of ashes. This represents a low cost, yet environmentally friendly, solution to disposal of pet remains in a respectable manner.

What drug is used for pet euthanasia?

Besides the initial sedative medication, the euthanasia solution contains a drug call pentobarbital. This causes a very minimal discomfort for your pet (aside from the initial needle being inserted into the skin).

It affects the central nervous system first so that your pet lapses into unconsciousness, followed by anaesthesia (and the absence of any pain), followed by stopping breathing and cardiac function. It’s a kind solution that thankfully veterinary medicine can afford to pet’s in pain or with a terminal illness.