Pet Microchip Search

Pet microchip search

Microchipping ensures that if your pet is ever lost or stolen that they can be safely reunited with you. However, a microchip is only as good as the details that are linked to it. If your details are inaccurate or out of date, a microchip may be useless. That is where our pet microchip search comes in!

Approximately 35% of failures to reunite are due to phone number problems on the microchip record.

To combat this epidemic, we offer a FREE pet microchip search service. We will help to ensure your details are up to date with your pet’s microchip.

Simply fill in the details below so that we can cross check them with the pet microchip registry’s database.

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As an added thank you, our friends at are offering you 20% off a high quality custom engraved ID tag for your pet’s collar. Simply use the code INTRO20 at checkout to claim this offer.

Please note, in order to protect people’s privacy, we can only discuss pet microchip search records with the legitimate owner. Your name below must match those on the microchip record. We can check that details that you provide are accurate and correspond with the details on the microchip. However, we may not be able to reveal the details currently stored on the microchip registry.

Current Pet Details

Are your pets microchip details up to date?

Pet Microchipping in Perth

Is your pet still not microchipped? Did you know that microchipping in Western Australia is now compulsory if your pet is over 3 months of age?

Our mobile vet service offers in home microchipping for all Perth suburbs. We use only high quality veterinary brand microchips that are safe and resistant to migrating under your pet’s skin. For your pet’s comfort, we use only miniature microchips which are about 1/3 the size of traditional microchips.

Find out more about having your pet microchipped today.

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