Mobile Vet Perth WA

Take the stress out of a visit to the vet and have an experienced vet come to you! We provide a high quality mobile vet service in Perth WA.


Our customers love the convenience of having a vet taking care of their pet’s health in the comfort of their own home! No traffic, no long queues, no waiting room, no noisy animals, no infectious diseases. We get to witness your pet’s natural behaviour in their own environment. Check out some of our mobile vet customer’s testimonials.


Our mobile vet visits all of the metro Perth northern suburbs as far as Two Rocks. We travel south of the river as far as Secret Harbour, and to the Perth hills in the east, including Mundaring.

Benefits of a mobile vet?

Our House Call Vet Services

heartworm injections
Heartworm Injections

A yearly heartworm injection helps to prevent this deadly parasite from living inside your pet's heart and blood stream. Heartworm is spread by mosquitoes.

houe call vet surgery
Minor surgery

We can remove small lumps or bumps under sedation and local anaesthesia. Perfect for when we are worried that new growth may be cancerous. Samples can be submitted to the lab for analysis.

pet wellness testing
Wellness Blood Screening

A yearly check in on how your pet's internal organs are functioning. These blood & urine tests can help us pick up on conditions early such as diabetes, kidney disease, liver failure and more.

Titre Testing

Don't want to vaccinate your pet every year? By doing a titre test we may be able to skip this years vaccination if their immunity is at a sufficient level based on this test.

dog anal gland expression
Anal Gland Expression

If your pet is scooting their bottom along the ground or licking at their rear end they may have full anal glands. Occasionally these need to be expressed.

mobile dog nail trimming
Nail trimming

Ever tried to trim a pet's nails yourself? It can turn into a blood bath. Leave it to the professionals. Sedation for nail trimming is also available if needed to relax those particularly anxious pets.

vet ear cleaning
Ear Cleaning

Some pets need their ears cleaned on a regular basis to prevent excessive amount of wax and debris from plugging their ear canals or becoming infected.

puppy and kitten vet checks and vaccinations
Puppy & Kitten Care

New additions can be so exciting! And oh so cute! We provide everything you need from initial examinations, vaccinations, worming and advice. Special litter and breeder pricing is also available.

We're well equipped.

Our mobile vets have the experience, the equipment and the empathy to ensure your pet's live the happiest, longest, most fulfilled lives they can live.
  • Video microscopy
  • External laboratory access
  • Referral services
  • Diabetic monitoring
  • Blood Testing
  • Microchip Scanning
  • Ophthalmology & Otoscopy
  • Skin Scraping
house call vet examining cat

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