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Dr Shanon graduated in 2006 and has worked in three Australian states.

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Not only has he worked in clinics, he's also owned and managed them.
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Okay so we don't know the exact number for this one, but it must be at least this number by now. He hasn't taken any annual leave until just recently!

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Hey, somethings got to keep you going!

We're pet advocates, because animals can't speak for themselves.

Did you know that research has shown even professionals can find it difficult to rate a pet's pain score accurately? Often times our pets don't express their discomfort as much as people do. They also can't speak, which sometimes makes diagnosing health problems a little tricky. Our job is to bridge the gap and help to uncover a better life for your pet.
Pet Advocates
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Everyone's situation is different.

We also respect that everyone has a different personal situation. We have been in many different financial and logistical positions ourselves. Our aim is to find the cause of problems, present all of the possible solutions and work with you to find the best one suited to you and your pet's needs. No judgement. No pressure. Just the best solutions and advice that we can give.

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind our Perth mobile vet team.
Our mobile vet
Dr Shanon Donovan
Owner & Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Shanon graduated from Murdoch University in 2006 and has worked in and owned many clinics around Australia. He has a wife (Leanne), two kids and two Great Danes. His veterinary interests mainly focus around small animal surgery. He loves being a vet because he believes pets are incredibly loyal and they deserve to be repaid in kind.

About Us Leanne
Leanne Donovan
Manager & Customer Service

Leanne has been involved in veterinary nursing since we first started. Client's love her. She also works behind the scenes to make sure staff are taken care of, people are paid, the marketing is done and bills are sorted. She is what makes the wheels keep on spinning! All that while juggling two young children.

Delilah the Clinic Pet
Chief Product Tester

Delilah is our (now senior) Great Dane. She is still the chief product tester and also a retired blood donor. She has saved many lives. She loves silencing toys that go squeak!

Hercules the vet taste tester
Assistant Product Tester

Hercules is our other Great Dane. He is also a blood donor and has helped us to save many pet's lives too. He acts tough but he is really just a gentle giant.