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About Perth Vet Care

"Wherever I go, I leave families in tears, and yet they tell me I've just done the best thing possible, in the best way possible. It's an honour and a privilege."

–  Dr Shanon

A bit of background

Who we are

Our team has been providing veterinary care in some shape or form since 2006. In that time, we’ve worked in, managed, and owned a number of vet hospitals around Australia.

In the midst of it all, we discovered how much of a difference we can make when it comes to end-of-life pet care, particularly in-home pet euthanasia.

We believe all pets deserve a peaceful end-of-life experience. End-of-life care that is done properly, compassionately, and perfectly promotes the human-animal bond and helps turn what is normally a negative experience into one of celebration of a life well lived. 


A sincere question with an unexpected answer

Why do we do this

In the midst of the gratitude our clients express for our service, we are frequently asked, “How do we do this?” 

The truth is, any veterinary service that is dedicated to bringing a positive impact to an area that is usually mired with such emotions as grief, stress, anxiety, guilt, and fear, is truly a special thing.

We do this because pets are family. Even though we often leave a household full of grieving people behind after our appointments, it is an honour and a privelage to provide this service for people. There is an unusual sense of satisfaction in providing the best outcome at a difficult time. Knowing that you contributed to that family’s bond with their pet, even in their passing.

To see a pet pass peacefully in the loving arms of their owner or surrounded by family in the comfort of their own home is light years away from a pet passing alone, in a sterile environment, or in severe pain.

Turning a negative into something beautiful

Our philosophy

We know that people often think of a pet passing in their sleep as being ideal. But sometimes, as pet owners, we hold out too long waiting for this to occur to avoid having to make the difficult decision ourselves. But we have a different point of view.

A pet that passes in their sleep is not always as peaceful an experience as we often think. Pets that pass this way are often in pain, severely ill and unfortunately often alone (at night or when their family is at work). 

Contrast that with in home pet euthanasia, where they are surrounded by family, given treats, smothered in hugs and kisses, and someone saying “I love you” as they peacefully drift off into a deep sleep.

On the subjective range of when is the right time, at Perth Vet Care we believe that a day too soon is much better than a moment too late. The difference in the “quality” of the death is drastic between the two. The word euthanasia itself comes from the Greek and means “a good death”. 

We’ve rarely seen a pet owner who regrets making this decision too early, but many regret leaving it too late.

Couple kissing old dog prior to pet cremation in Perth
Our dog Delilah
Dr Shanon's recent old girl, Delilah
We've been there

Service based on personal experience

Being pet lovers, unfortunately, we have been through this process many times ourselves. We know how hard it is, which has made us so empathetic to each and every client and pet that we help.

We’ve meticulously thought through every part of the process to make it as peaceful, gentle, and compassionate as possible.

Which is why we take care of everything, including the in home pet euthanasia, pet cremation, and even delivering the ashes back to your home – all done by our team.

That way we can ensure it’s done right, with compassion, a heart for service, and strict attention to detail.

As much as possible, we want your pet’s ending to be just as good as their beginning.

Meet the team

Dr Shanon Donovan

Dr Shanon graduated from Murdoch University in 2006 and has worked in and owned many clinics around Australia. He has a wife (Leanne), two kids, and two Great Danes. His veterinary interests mainly focus on end of life care and small animal surgery. He loves being a vet because he believes pets are incredibly loyal and they deserve to be repaid in kind.

Dr Shanon has also completed the Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy (CAETA) Master Program in euthanasia techniques and best practices.
About Us Leanne

Leanne Donovan

Leanne has been involved in veterinary nursing since we first started. Clients love her. She also works behind the scenes to make sure staff are taken care of, people are paid, marketing is done, and bills are sorted. She is what keeps the wheels spinning! All while juggling two young children.
Hercules the vet taste tester


Chief Product Tester
Hercules is our Great Dane. He is also a blood donor and has helped us save the lives of many of our clients' pets over the years. He acts tough, but he is really just a gentle giant.He has the naughty habit of swallowing things he shouldn't, much to the displeasure of his veterinarian dad, who has to operate to remove them!
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