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Lawnswood – Pet Cremation Partner

Perth Vet Care is proud to partner with Lawnswood Crematorium & Cemetery in Bayswater WA (previously in Malaga). As trusted partners, they provide for the pet cremation needs of our clients. We handle everything with Lawnswood directly on your behalf, so that you don’t have to. It’s one less thing to remember, when all you need to focus on is spending those last vital moments with your beloved pet.

Lawnswood is the leader in pet cremation in Perth, having been established since 1984. Above all, their care and compassion when dealing with the sensitive nature of pet loss is second to none.

Perth Vet Care is able to offer compassionate pet euthanasia at home through our mobile vet service. After euthanasia, our vet can transport your pet immediately to Lawnswood Pet Crematorium at no extra charge. In other words, we do not charge travel surcharge fees.

Your pet’s ashes are usually ready in approximately 7-10 days. Occasionally this can be longer if a special urn is required. However, as soon as they are ready, either our mobile vet or a Lawnswood staff member will hand deliver your pet’s ashes to your door at a suitable time for you.

Peace of Mind with Lawnswood Crematorium

Lawnswood emphasises and ensures positive identification of each pet throughout the cremation process. In addition, every pet is given a unique ID number and identified with their name, surname, breed, weight and vet throughout the entire process. After that, ash vessels are all marked with a certification sticker by the representative Lanwswood staff member. This added attention to detail ensures that you receive your pet, and only your pet, back at home.

Lawnswood Pet Cemetery

lawnswood pet cemetery entrance

An alternate option to having your pet returned home is to have them buried in the Lawnswood Pet Cemetery in the Avon Valley. These pet burial services can be booked online directly through Perth Vet Care.

The cemetery is located approximately one hours drive east of Perth. There is plenty of parking and a map showing the layout.

Situated amongst native trees and shrubs, this private property is a sanctuary for pets resting in peace. Colours of the area change with the season. In spring the area is littered with an abundance of wildflowers. There is a picnic table at the front of the grounds, for lunch with family and friends.

lawnswood pet cemetery burial sites

There are 3 options to choose from if you choose the Lawnswood Pet Cemetery:

  1. Traditional Burial : your pet (uncremated) is buried in their own plot with an engraved plaque.
  2. Ashes Burial: your pet is cremated first and then their ashes are buried in a particular spot, with their own engraved plaque.
  3. Scattering: your pet’s ashes can be scattered amongst the trees by the cemetery’s winter creek. A commemorative plaque is placed nearby.

Burial Caskets

Lawnswood have a selection of pet burial caskets to choose from. These caskets are made from 100% recycled materials and are lined with cushioned satin.

Available in either Mahogony or Ash colours, they come in small or large sizes.

*Subject to availability. Please contact us for availability and pricing information.

Lawnswood Pet Crematorium Pet Burial Caskets

Lawnswood Pet Cremation & Cemetery Pricing

Perth Vet Care passes on Lawnswood’s pet cremation charges with no added surcharge. In other words, the price you pay with Perth Vet Care is the same price you would pay with Lawnswood directly.

For information about pricing of Lawnswood pet cremation with ashes returned to your home through Perth Vet Care, visit our pet cremation page. The aforementioned page shows cremation pricing as well as pictures of all of the urn, wooden boxes and memento options available.

Lawnswood Pet Cemetery pricing is as follows:

Standard Burial (no cremation first) – including engraved plaque

  • Tiny Pets (under 1kg): $259
  • Small Pets (1 – 9kg): $355
  • Medium Pets (10 – 24kg): $390
  • Large Pets (25 – 39kg): $405
  • Extra Large Pets (Over 40kg): $440

Burial of Ashes (cremated first) – including engraved plaque

  • Tiny Pets (under 1kg): $229
  • Small Pets (1 – 9kg): $330
  • Medium Pets (10 – 24kg): $365
  • Large Pets (25 – 39kg): $380
  • Extra Large Pets (Over 40kg): $415

Ashes Scattered Amongst the Trees

  • Tiny Pets (under 1kg): $199
  • Small Pets (1 – 9kg): $300
  • Medium Pets (10 – 24kg): $335
  • Large Pets (25 – 39kg): $350
  • Extra Large Pets (Over 40kg): $385

Dealing with Grief

The loss of a beloved pet can be a heartbreaking experience. Lawnswood offers this brochure as a guide to dealing with the grief after your pet’s euthanasia and cremation.

If you have any questions about pet euthanasia at home, pet cremation or the services of either Perth Vet Care or Lawnswood, please feel free to contact us.

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