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Emotions get the better of all of us. Sometimes talking about end of life care for your pet can be very difficult on the phone. That’s why we’ve made it easy to make a live booking online. 

You can do everything from select the services, the day and time, choose an urn and memorial keepsakes and even get payment out of the way if you wish. 

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Live Chat (chat button on bottom left corner of this page) is available 7 days a week from 7:30am till 11:00pm (WA time). 

In Home Pet Euthanasia & Pet Cremation

Servicing all Perth Metro areas
From Two Rocks to Mandurah to Mundaring
& Surrounds

7 Days a Week /  9am – 7pm

Common queries answered

Frequently asked Questions

We accept bookings at least 2 hours in advance. Availability will depend on how many other bookings we have already taken for that day. You can check out our online booking system to see what days and times are available.

We want to help everyone in need, so we cover all Perth metro areas and usually will visit anywhere within reasonable distance from Perth (travel surcharges may apply for very remote areas.)

We regularly visit places from Two Rocks in the north, Mundaring & Chidlow in the east, and Mandurah in the south. 

We also offer a cremation service. If you elect to have your pet either cremated with ashes returned, or cremated without ashes being returned, our vet will transport your pet for cremation after the visit. Alternatively, you can keep your pet with you afterwards if you have elected to bury them at home, or if you have made alternate arrangements.

Dr Shanon is our experienced mobile veterinarian. He attends most home visits alone as this usually causes the least amount of stress to pets and all involved. 

Occasionally you may see other staff members returning ashes back home or making deliveries.

We are available 7 days a week from 9am – 7pm. If your pet needs urgent attention outside of these hours you will need to contact your local emergency veterinary hospital.

This will depend on your individual insurer and level of cover. However yes we regularly complete insurance claims for our clients.

We administer a sedative first prior to euthanasia which makes the process as peaceful as possible. The sedative takes around 5-15 minutes to take effect, whilst the euthanasia injection works very quickly, within a minute.

We generally advise people to allow around 30 minutes including time for us to go through the paperwork and for everyone to take their time saying goodbye. We don’t want you to be rushed, ensuring a peaceful farewell for everyone.

In general we recommend other pets be present or at least witness the pet having passed away after the procedure, just so the departing pet is not there one minute and gone the next.  

The only time there would be an exception to this is if the remaining pet has a lot of anxiety, as sometimes it can prove too traumatic even for them.

We accept cash, all major credit cards, eftpos, Paypal, Zip Pay and Vetpay. 

Whilst you can complete and pay for your whole order online, our vet also has a mobile credit card machine to take manual payments in person if needed. They can also add any last minute keepsake additions etc to an existing order.

Yes we offer payment plans through either Zip Pay or Vetpay. Both services will provide you with a pin number that you will need to give to us to process your payment. All payment plans have to be arranged with us prior to the vet visiting.

This decision will vary depending on the personality and maturity of the children, as well as how bonded they are with the pet.

In some respects it can be comforting for children to see their pet passing peacefully. Other times, people arrange for their kids to be elsewhere during the final injection.

Usually parents know how their kids will likely respond, so trust yourself to make the right call.

Yes, giving food, treats (plenty of treats) and water is perfectly fine in the lead up to the vet visit.

It’s not uncommon for us to encounter pets that have aggressive tendancies towards strangers. We are experienced to safely handle most situations with as little stress as possible.

For the safety of all, please let us know before hand if you are aware that your pet may act aggressively towards strangers.

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