Pet Memorial & Urns

As part of Perth Vet Care’s complete end of life care service, we offer a wide range of high quality pet memorial items such as urns, boxes, and vessels that hold the ashes following pet cremation.

You can also choose from our many pet memorial plaques, stones, jewellery, gifts, and other keepsakes, some of which hold a small amount of ashes. These can offer a special way to remember your beloved furry friend and to keep them close by at all times.

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Many of our dog, cat, rabbit, and small animal urns feature beautiful machine engraving options where you can personalise your pet’s urn by putting their name, dates, and a loving message.

Looking for more pet memorial ideas?

Bring family members some much needed comfort following the passing of your pet with intricately spun glass or pet memorial jewellery incorporating a token amount of your pet’s ashes. With a wide variety of necklaces, pendants, and charms, there is something for everyone.

Why not frame an ink or clay paw print, along with a fur clipping, as a beautiful tribute alongside a favourite pet photo and your pet’s ashes urn? Alternatively, get something for the garden with our pet memorial plaques or pet memorial stones.

Some of our clients have even turned their pet’s ink paw print keepsake into a pet memorial tattoo!

Unsure of which urn or keepsake you would like for your pet? There’s no rush; you can always let our team know at the time of your pet euthanasia appointment or home collection.

Need a separate urn or would like something posted to you? Simply contact us, and our friendly team will be happy to arrange that for you.