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Perth Vet Care provides comprehensive end-of-life care, including in-home pet euthanasiacremation, home collection (after a natural death), and even pet burials. The cost of each of these services is outlined below.

Pet Euthanasia Costs

The cost of pet euthanasia at home is based on the weight of your pet. All of the costs shown below include the administration of a calming pre-euthanasia sedative, given to your pet to ease stress and discomfort.

This service is available 7 days a week from 9am-7pm.

Please note that a $55 surcharge applies for appointments on Sundays and public holidays (in addition to the charges shown below).

What sets our pricing apart?

  • Pre-euthanasia sedation – included at no extra cost.
  • No travel fees – for all Perth metropolitan suburbs from Two Rocks to Mandurah.
  • Complimentary pet transport – if you are having your pet cremated with us, our vet can transport your pet to the crematorium following your home euthanasia appointment at no extra charge (this is for transport only, cremation charges still apply, see the cremation section below).
Pet's Weight In Home Euthanasia Cost (not including cremation)
Over 60kg$455*

* Additional $55 surcharge applies for Sunday bookings.

Prices shown above are for euthanasia only and do not include cremation or aftercare. Please see below section for addition of cremation costs if this service is required.

Pet Cremation Costs

Following the passing of your pet (either following an in home euthanasia appointment or after a natural passing on their own), we offer the following three aftercare options:

1. Individual Cremation

Choose this option if you would like your pet’s ashes returned to you.

  • Private individual cremation of your pet.
  • Only your pet’s ashes will be returned, guaranteed.
  • Delivery of your pet’s ashes back to your home.
  • Basic standard ash vessel is included, or you can choose from our range of premium urns.
  • Remembrance candle.
  • Comfort poem.

Ashes are usually available for delivery in 7-10 days.

2. Communal Cremation

Choose this option if you would like us to take your pet away* but do not require their ashes to be returned.

  • Communal cremation.
  • No ashes returned.
  • Scattering of your pet’s ashes instead at the scenic pet cemetery in the Avon Valley.

*Transportation to the crematorium for your pet following in-home euthanasia is free (the cremation fee still applies). If your pet has passed away naturally at home, then a home collection fee (listed below) applies in addition to the cremation fees shown.

3. No Aftercare Required: No Fee

Choose this option if you are wishing to keep your pet to bury at home or if you have made alternative aftercare arrangements yourself.

Pet Cremation Pricing Chart
Pet's Weight Individual Cremation
(Ashes Returned)
Communal Cremation
(No Ashes Returned)
Under 1kg$199$125
Over 60kg$480$125

If you would like to receive a priority cremation and express delivery, the following premium service add-ons are also available upon request. The prices shown below are in addition to the individual cremation cost shown above:

  • Gold Service (+$325*) – cremation and delivery of your pet’s ashes within 3 days**.
  • Platinum Service (+$495*) – cremation and delivery of your pet’s ashes within 1 business day**.

** not counting days falling on weekends
* premium service pricing is in addition to the individual cremation costs shown in the table above.

Transportation & Home Collection Costs

The following transportation and home collection costs only apply if your pet has passed away naturally at home on their own and you require a home collection.

If our mobile vet has visited you for an in home euthanasia appointment, then they will happily transport your pet to the crematorium for you at no additional charge following the euthanasia appointment.

*All prices shown are for transport only and are in addition to the individual or communal cremation fees shown under the cremation heading above.

Pet Burial

For more information regarding the cost of pet burial at Lawnswood Pet Cemetery, please see our burial page.

TimeTransportation /
Home Collection Cost
Following In Home Euthanasia
No Charge
Following A Natural Passing:
Weekdays 9am-7pm$150*
Saturday 9am-7pm$200*
Sunday 9am-7pm & Public Holidays$240*

Bundled Services

Our end of life care services are bundled together depending on whether your pet requires in home euthanasia or has passed away naturally at home themselves:

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