These days our pets are loyal and loving members of our family. When the unfortunate time of their passing arrives, it can be comforting to reminisce about the good times you shared together. To commemorate their lives, and ensure they have a permanent place of remembrance, you can have them cremated with our Perth pet cremation service.

We guarantee that the ashes you receive back home will be your pet’s ashes, and only your pet’s ashes.

In fact, we go so far as to also offer you in home pet euthanasia, if needed, with our own mobile vet. After euthanasia, our vet will hand deliver your pet for cremation so that we can keep track of your pet every step of the way.

If your pet passes away naturally at home, we also offer a home collection service.

We handle the entire process so you don’t have to worry about a thing. These situations are hard enough as it is. Let us take care of it all for you so you can spend any remaining quality time with your pet and your family.

Afterwards, we will even hand deliver your pet’s ashes back home when they are ready.

It’s that total care from beginning to end that sets us apart from the rest. Care is in our name. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. See for yourself, by hearing what some of our clients have said after using our pet euthanasia and cremation services.

Prefer pet burial instead of cremation? Take a look at the choices we found for a pet cemetery in Perth.

Pet Cremation Cost

Pet cremation costs are based on the body-weight of your pet, as shown below.

If you utilise our mobile vet service for pet euthanasia at home, transportation for cremation afterwards is free of charge. The cost for euthanasia is in addition to the cremation charges listed below.

Should your pet pass at home of natural causes, we can also arrange home collection. Home collections are available for a separate fee, depending on the day and time of collection.

Included in the cost of cremation is a choice of three standard vessels, shown further down the page. In addition, there are also special urns and wooden boxes you may choose from. The cost of these is listed underneath each photo below.

Finally, we also offer pet burial at Lawnswood Pet Cemetery. You can visit your pet’s grave, which would be nestled amongst the trees and wildflowers in a scenic location within the Avon Valley.

Group Cremation - No ashes
Group cremation is a low cost alternative. Your pet is transported to the pet crematorium for cremation, however no ashes are returned to you. All ashes are scattered respectfully in a scenic location in the Avon Valley.

Small Animal Cremation

Small Animals <1kg
For rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and other small animals weighing under 1kg. Ashes are returned to you.
Small Animals <10kg
For small animals weighing between 1kg and 9kg. Ashes are returned to you.

Cat Cremation Price

Small Cats & Kittens
For small cats & kittens weighing under 1kg. Ashes are returned to you.
Adult Cats
For adult cats weighing between 1-9kg. Ashes are returned to you.

Dog Cremation Price

Tiny Dogs & Puppies
For tiny dogs and puppies weighing under 1kg. Ashes are returned to you.
Small Dogs
For small dogs weighing between 1 - 9kg. Ashes are returned to you.
Medium Dogs
For medium sized dogs weighing between 10 - 24kg. Ashes are returned to you.
Large Dogs
For larger pets weighing 25 - 39kg. Ashes are returned to you.
Extra Large Dogs
For extra large dogs weighing over 40kg. Ashes are returned to you.

After Natural Passing

If your pet passes away of natural causes at home, we can arrange to pick them up from your residence and transport them for cremation. These costs below are in addition to the cost of cremation on the previous tab.

Mon-Fri 9am-7pm
Sat & Sun 9am-6pm
Public Hol. 8am-4pm

Platinum Service

Platinum Same Day Service
Have your pet cremated and ashes returned within 24-48 hours.
Valid only for collections before 11am Monday to Fridays.
Price is in addition to the cremation costs on the previous tab.

Standard Vessels

These three options are the basic vessels which are included in the price of our pet cremation Perth services as listed above. If not purchasing a more specialised urn below, then please select one of these.

Wooden Pet Cremation Boxes

These wooden boxes are a classic way to retain your pet’s ashes. They are the perfect addition to any mantle piece or display shelf. Choose a photo box to display a memorial picture of your beloved pet.

The ashes within each box is contained within a drawstring bag.

Each box comes with a plaque for your pet’s name along with two additional lines of text. Extra lines of text are available for $8 each.

Ceramic Urns

These large ceramic urns are a nice way to showcase your pet’s ashes to memorialise their life for many years to come. Each urn is sealed so that your pet’s ashes remain safe. The ceramic urn is one of the most popular items in our pet cremation Perth catalogue.

They come with an egraved disc on the front. In addition to your pet’s name, you are able to nominate words that best describe them. There is a 45 character limit including your pet’s name. All words are in uppercase unless otherwise requested.

Pet Cremation Urns - Metal

These decorative metal urns showcase your pet’s ashes in a clean and professional way. Each urn contains your pet’s ashes within a drawstring bag inside.

Pricing for the metal urns is based on which engraving option your choose, rather than the urn itself (the urn in the example below is the paw print slate (m4) urn style. The three engraving options are:

Our range of metal urn styles is listed below. The pricing of each depends on the engraving option (above) you choose. Not all urns can accommodate all three engraving options. Options available will be listed underneath each.

Garden Pet Urns

These urns are the perfect fit for the garden. Create your own memorial to your beloved pet in the comfort of your own backyard.

Suitable for pets up to 55kg.

Size: 15 x 15 x 24cm. 

The engraving on top can be customised with a choice of graphic symbol (see below), pet name (max 10 characters including spaces) and date (max 9 characters including spaces).

Please allow 2-3 weeks for this urn to be delivered to you.

garden urn and plaque graphics

Scattering Tubes

If you don’t want to keep your pet’s ashes and prefer to scatter them in your pet’s favourite place, consider a scattering tube. These tubes are easy to open and push the top in to allow easy dispersal.

Garden Plaques & Memorial Stones

These garden plaques, river stones and pavers don’t contain any pet ashes. But they are the perfect way to visually memorialise a pet.

River Stones Engraving

Includes a graphic symbol of your choice (below), pet’s name (max 10 characters including spaces) and date (max 9 characters including spaces).

Pet Headstones Engraving

Includes graphic symbol of your choice (below), pet’s name (max 25 characters including spaces) and inscription (4-6 lines depending on your choice of headstone, max 25 characters per line including spaces).

Small & Paw Shaped Plaque Engraving

Graphic symbol of your choice (below), pet’s name (max 10 characters including spaces), inscription (max 21 characters including spaces) and date (max 9 characters including spaces).

Large & Heart Shaped Plaque Engraving

Graphic symbol of your choice (below), pet’s name (max 10 characters including spaces), inscription (max 63 characters including spaces), and date (max 9 characters including spaces).

garden urn and plaque graphics

Pet Cremation Jewellery

You may choose to remember your pet with something wearable. These beautiful memorial pet cremation jewellery pieces may be the perfect addition.

Pet Cremation Keepsakes

These pet cremation keepsakes allow you to keep a little of your pet’s ashes from your urn and incorporate them into stylish mementos to remember them by. 

Handmade Glass Keepsakes - Memorial Domes

Handmade spun glass memorial keepsakes that incorporate some of your pet’s ashes along with your choice of beautiful colour. They are a unique and special way to remember your beloved pet.

There are four options to choose from: 1) Spiral (available in small size only),  2) Galaxy, 3) Bubbles, and 4) Gold on Black


Small Domes $220 – approx 7 x 8cm

Medium Domes $320- approx 9 x 10cm

Pet Cremation FAQ

How much does it cost to have a pet cremated?

Pet cremation is based on your pet’s weight. The average cost of pet cremation in Australia is anywhere from $275 for a pet under 10kg, to $380 for a pet over 40kg. Premium urns, boxes or memorial keepsakes are also often available, usually for an additional fee.

How much does it cost to get a cat cremated?

The average cost for a cat cremation in Australia is $275

Are pets individually cremated?

Most crematoriums offer private individual cremations. Pet owners can even view their pets remains being cremated through a viewing window at some crematoriums. However, most crematoriums also offer a second option called group cremation. This is a lower cost, environmentally friendly way of disposing of pet remains. For group cremation, ashes are not returned to the owner.

Is it better to cremate or bury a pet?

It comes down to personal preference as well as local council regulations. If you would prefer to have a visual reminder of your pet inside your house, cremation is probably a better option. Ashes returned in an urn or wooden box can be placed on the mantle for a visual memorial of your pet. When burying a pet in the yard, a visual reminder can be a tree or plant planted over the top of your pet’s burial site.

Is it weird to keep a pet’s ashes?

Not at all. A lot of people find comfort from having a memorial of their pet nearby. It’s not dissimilar to visiting a cemetery for a lost relative. A pet’s ashes are often set aside a favourite photo, paw print or other token of remembrance.

How long does it take to get dogs ashes back?

Usually 5 – 10 days. If certain custom urns are requested, this can extend to a few weeks however, while your pet’s urn is crafted. This can also apply if custom jewellery or keepsakes are chosen.

Do vets offer cremation?

Yes, most vets do offer cremation. This is usually done through a third party crematorium service. Vets do not normally have cremation equipment in house.

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Need more choices for pet urns and mementos? Check out our Passing Paws pet cremations page.