Paw Castings


These paw castings are designed to become a treasured memory for you and your family long after your special friend has passed, allowing you to hold your beloved pet’s paw when needed.

Our caring team will lovingly take a cast in bronze or pewter finish.

Choose from Single, Double or Mounted Paw Casting options.

Note: Please allow up to 4 weeks for this bespoke memorial piece. Colour may vary slightly.

Single & Double Freestanding Paw Casting

The Single and Double Paw cast options are free standing, three-dimensional moulds of your pet’s paw, allowing you to be able to hold their paw in the palm of your hand.

The single or double paw can be displayed as a memorial at home or work.

Paws can be cast in bronze or pewter finish.

Single Paw: $180
Double Paw: $260

Mounted Single & Double Paw Casting

Your pet’s paw casting is carefully displayed on a wooden base.
The base may be hung on a wall or free-standing in your beloved pet’s memorial.

Paws can be cast in bronze or pewter finish.

Display base available in Black or Mahogany

Single Mounted Paw: $300
Double Mounted Paws: $380

Our caring team lovingly take a mould of your pet’s paw and then a high quality sculpturing stone mix is poured into this mould to create this bespoke product.

Paw Castings available in either Bronze or Pewter.

Mounting option bases (where selected) available in either Black or Mahogany.

Additional information

Contains Ashes?



Bronze, Silver / Pewter

Keepsake Type

Paw Print



Suited For

Dogs, Cats & Pocket Pets


Single Paw Freestanding, Single Paw Mounted (Black), Single Paw Mounted (Mahogany), Double Paw Freestanding, Double Paw Mounted (Black), Double Paw Mounted (Mahogany)